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Agriculture and local products

The agriculture sector plays an important role in the economic development of the region, given its cross-functional specificities. Agriculture is changing for the good of the regional economy

Indeed, strong investments have been injected into the local economy in recent years, including for the development of the culture of dates with high added value. The MarocVertPlan reinforces this development:

  • Errachidia, knows a radical change through the introduction of tens of thousands of hectares ofMejhoul, a variety of dates that is synonymous with excellence and nobility. The ambition is to become the world’s largest producer of Mejhoul, and besides, the Erfoudinternational dates show comes to reinforce this vision.
  • The second flagship product of the region is apples. Midelt gained notoriety amongst the Moroccan consumers for the quality of its apples. The implantations and the logistics of packaging units are multiplying thanks to the support of the Maroc Vert Plan.
  • egoun’s rosesare the third flagship product in the regional economy. The ecosystem that revolves around the rose is the driving force of the economy of the area from Mgoun to Tinghir. The plantation area reaches 800 Ha, for a production of 3800 Tons. The multiplication of high productivity plans, the picking of the rose, the distillation, the transformation into cosmetics and by-products, and the marketing at the national and international levels, generate animportant wealth and employment in the economy of the region.


Oasis of DraaTafilalet : Biosphere reserve(UNESCOLabel)

Palms : 85% of the national production

Apples: 35% of the national production

Roses: 100% of the national production

Local products : saffron, henna, …

Irrigatedarea : 154 000 ha (64% of UAA)

Modern irrigation channels:890 Km

Oasis of Dra Tafilalet : 48 300 ha/UNESCO Label: Biosphere reserve

Palms :

  • Production: 150000 Tons/85% of the national production
  • Storage capacity: 78 000 Tons

Apple trees:

  • Production: 200 000 Tons/35% of the nationalproduction
  • Storage capacity: 57 000 tons

Local products:

  • Safran: 800 Ha / 2.5 tons
  • Henna: 1000 Ha / 2770 tons