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Business climate

Taking into consideration the great potential of the DraaTafilaletregion, the RIC is committed in a process of territorial promotion in order to encourage investment and entrepreneurship. These will be determining factors in the economic development and also in the increase ofjob creation.

To do this, the economy of the DraaTafilaletregion has been structured around three economic poles:
Agriculture as a primary sector, whichexperiences a phase of profound metamorphosis in its evolution, Energy and Mines, and finallyTourism, Creative industries, Art and Culture.

These three poles thus generate a dynamism for the local economy, where each pole contributes anadded value that helps the creation of wealth of the other poles, in a sustainable circular economy, and this obviously at the benefit of the citizens of the region.

Aware of the role of the business climate in the confidence-building of the economic promoters in a territory, the RIC has initiated the creation of the Regional Committee of the Business Climate in the region of DraaTafilalt. The objectives of this committee are: diagnosis of the situation of the business climate and examination of the constraints, obstacles and challenges

Coordination of efforts to improve the climate of business at the level of the region.

Proposal ofsolutions and feasible measures to improve the business climate.

Development of action plans for the realization of these solutions.

Follow-up and implementation of the action plans of the CNEA at the level of the region.

Put under the chairmanship ofthe Wali of the region, this body counts among its members, the Governors of the provinces, the body of the elect, the administrations affected by the investments, and professional organizations including the CGEM.