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Support for the creation of companies

The company creation support office is a single office or the only point of contact for all investors wishing to start a business, regardless of the form. This office provides investors with a single form which contains all the information required by law or regulation for the creation of the company, and will support the following formalities:

  • Consulting and information
  • Trade names and business signs
  • Legal establishment of companies
  • Encouragement of entrepreneurship

Investment Support

The investment support office provides investors with information useful for regional investment, and also supports the following formalities:

  • Consulting and information
  • Assistance to project organizers
  • Examination and processing of investment cases
  • Preparation of the administrative documents related to the investment
  • Agreement on the projects
  • Permitswhich are delegated to the Wali of the region
  • The investment agreements between the State and the investors

Communication and partnership

The RIC uses all of its know-how, as well as the experience of its team for the promotion of the economic strengths of the DraaTafilalet region with national and foreign investors, thanks to:

  • The territorial promotion
  • Event management
  • The approach of investors
  • Development of cooperation and partnership