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Tourism, creative industries, art and cultures

Tourism is a sector that constitutes a circular economy sphere where each component creates added value and actually benefits the other industries. The DraaTafilalet region has fortunately all the assets needed to make it a dream andexceptiontourism destination. The area is an open-air museum:

– The region known previously as the door of Africa and the commercial center of this continent, had an agricultural variety, making it therefore a city of gastronomy, next to itsrich civilization and culture. A mosaic of colors and tastes, that uses a particular know-how, seeing ashow the region had its specific products and particularly olives and the tastiest dates of the Kingdom of Morocco.

– The beautiful dune of Merzouga and Chegaga attract tourists from all over the world. These two localities surprise its visitors and reveal its assets previously hidden such as the natural beauty of the magnificent dunes and curative tourism.

The wonders of nature (the snow, the mountains, the lakes, the wadis, the fresh and hot water sources, the oasis, the kasbahs, the Ksars, the gorges, the cliffs, the sand dunes,…), combined with the warm hospitality, dazzle Moroccan and foreigntourists alike.

So far, the region can provide up to 22 000 tourist accommodation beds, and obviously intends to develop this ability by creating new tourist projects such as the ‘family holiday village’ in Ouarzazate, the strengthening of tourist attractiveness: development of tourist areas, creating tourist circuits, development of the Kasbahs and Ksours,… as well as the strengthening of air services for the airports of the region

From creative art, to authenticity, history, heritage and culture, and including cinema, the creative industry is a dynamic sector in the region and coexists very strongly with tourism, crafts and natural and human heritage.
Indeed, the region enjoys a uniquecultural and natural heritage, manifested in objects that are considered as magnificent masterpieces that embody the know-how of the craftsmen of the region: tapestries, artceramics, carved wood or damascene iron objects… Also, many cultural and artistic festivities take place annually, which allow to enjoy the richness of local traditions.
Cinema is also considered as a promising sector for the development of the region, and besides, films of international fame are shot each year in Ouarzazate. The latter actually has a dedicated infrastructure, which is also the case inErfoud, Tinghir and Errachidia.
64% of international film shoots took place in Morocco: major film and television productions have been filmed there, such as Queen Of The Desert, Kingdom Of Heaven, Gladiator, Prison Break, and scores of other titles.